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New @sangbleuvtm collection (design by me).
Some vintage love. #rectangle #audemarspiguet
@dancrowe_tattoo and @nicci_bertioli at @sbldnttt !!!!
I have 100s of vinys to sell for cheap. Mostly hip hop. In London. DM me if you re interested.
#sleepingbeauty and me. photo by @hopeplescia 😘
After almost 10 years sitting in a storage i finally reapatriated my 3000+ vinyl collection. Strictly pre-mp3 stuff.
New @sangbleuvtm t shirts have arrived!!! Order from!
@ktzofficial day
White day. Big up @cottweiler :)

download from:  microtape A by MXM “la cienaga”  1. above the law-encore  1. ice cube-steady mobbin  2. mc eiht feat cmw-can I still kill it  3. passion-show luv dem gangstas  4. wildliffe society-get tis money  5. mc eiht feat cmw-hard times  6.2 $hort-it’s your life

download from:  microtape B by MXM “vvv”  1. burzum-call of the siren  1. public enemy-countdown to armageddon  2.vvv-life  3. koopsta nicca-crucifix  4. steve reich-electric guitar phase  5. gucci mane-what the hell  6. spooky black-introduction

download from:  microtape C. by MXM “silver thangs”  1. mayhem-silvester anfang  2. nick cave & warren ellis-song for jesse  3. burzum-rundgang um die transzendentale saule der singularitat  4. ester brinkmann-maschine  5. lou reed & john cale-open house  6. valgeir sigurdsson-lungs, for merille