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I just posted this new microtape on MIXCLOUD not soundcloud because of copyright issues. :/ 

 “untitled”—- 1. mia x-hoodlum poetry 2. flesh-n-bone-crazy by the flesh 3. young jeezy-still on it 4. paul wall-break em off 5. skull duggrey-welcome to my hood 6. kane & abel-black jesus 7. z-ro-don’t worry about me
Gift from our friend Tracy! Thank you! #whilewewait #overdue #babyolympiaswardrobe
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Thank you @teenagefanletter!!!!!! Amazing!!!! :)) πŸ‘ΆπŸŽ‰πŸ”œ
Yo. I posted a nu mixtape !

G. untitled
1. al kapone-vampin with no remorse 2. d. edwards-teenage tapes 3. kingpin skinny pimp-long story 4. suicide-keep your dreams 5. three 6 mafia feat camron-sippin on syrup pt2 6. martin dupont-top of the pyramid 7. gangsta pat-you can’t get none
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New @sbldnttt / @sangbleu longsleeve Tshirts arrived! Email to order!